X-men: Black Sun # 1-5 Set Chris Claremont

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X-men: Black Sun # 1-5 Set 25th Anniversary of the New X-men


#1 VF/NM -  The New X-men Claremont / Derenick / Parsons  

#2 VF/NM -  Storm Claremont /Wein /  Derenick 

#3 VF/NM -  Banshee and Sunfire Claremont / Thomas / Waller

#4 VF/NM -  Colossus and Nightcrawler Claremont / Simonson / Martinez

#5 VF/NM -  Wolverine and Thunderbird Claremont / Raimondi / Martin

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Each comic book comes shipped bagged and boarded.

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