Uncanny X-men # 169 " Catacombs"

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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #169 Bronze Age Comic 

Condition: Fine / Very Fine 7.5

"Catacombs" Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Paul Smith

Candy Southern returns home to the apartment she shares with Warren to discover feathers and blood. She hears someone else inside, and calls Professor X, realizing the police could never arrive in time! Just as Charles answers the phone, her attacker announces himself as... Sunder!

At that instant, in Amanda Sefton's apartment, Kurt and Amanda are sharing a Jacuzzi. The conversation has just turned towards their future, when Kurt receives Professor X's telepathic distress call in his head. He responds instantly, teleporting above the city and then over to outside Warren's apartment. He's there in time to see Angel carried into the subway by persons unknown, and then catch Candy as she is hurled out the window by her assailant! He returns with her to Amanda's apartment - needless to say, this makes quite a splash.

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