Uncanny X-men # 163 " Rescue Mission!"

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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #163 Bronze Age Comic 

Condition:  Very Fine 8.0

"Rescue Mission" Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Dave Cockrum 

Carol Danvers is being experimented upon by the Brood, one of whom catches us up to date on the events thus far. Carol is the subject of curiosity because her DNA is unique. The Brood scientists are able to modify her form, but her psychic resilience surprises them.

Wolverine, sneaking through the Brood city, tags Carol's scent first. He thrashes a technician, then busts into the main lab itself - the Brood don't last long. Carol's skin flows like hot wax - Wolverine crosses his fingers and smashes everything in sight - he gets lucky, and Carol collapses whole... or at least mostly whole. Her scent is no longer human. Carol grabs some cloth and a weapon, and they head off into the city.

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