Uncanny X-men # 133 "Wolverine: Alone"

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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #133 Bronze Age Comic 

Condition: Very Good 6.0

"Wolverine: Alone" Story by Chris Claremont. Art byJohn Byrne, Terry Austin, and Gasper Saladino

The Hellfire Club's Inner Circle has sent some of their soldiers down into the basement of their prestigious club to find the body of Wolverine, whom they assume was killed in a fight with Henry Leland. Wolverine however is alive and well, and is hiding in the rafters. When they his wet body drips water on the soldiers below, they try to shoot him. They fail and Wolverine mortally wounds three of them before he seemingly takes some rifle rounds to the stomach and falls over in some boxes. However, he has been playing possum, having rolled with the shots he tags one more of the soldiers. With only one left on his feet, Wolverine freaks him out enough to get close enough to grab him. Threatening the man with his claws, Wolverine demands to know everything he knows about his employers in the Hellfire Club.

While upstairs, the other X-Men are a prisoner of the Hellfire Club, who are celebrating not only their victory over the X-Men, but the addition of Jean Grey as their new Black Queen. Cyclops, with a ruby quartz helmet on his head puzzles over the fact that somehow Mastermind was able to take control of Jean by making her believe that she is her ancestor, a decadent woman who was a member of the Hellfire Club, and that they are not her friends but captured thieves and slaves that have betrayed her. Realizing that he and Jean still have their psychic rapport, Scott tries to see if he still has access to it in a bid to try and free Jean from Wyngarde's control. Nightcrawler meanwhile asks Shaw what he wants from them, and Shaw explains that the capture of the X-Men will facilitate his goals of experimenting on mutants so that his club can custom make their own mutants.

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