Uncanny X-men # 132 "And HELLFIRE Is Their Name!"

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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #132 Bronze Age Comic 

Condition: Very Good 6.0

"And Hellfire Is Their Name" Story by Chris Claremont. Art byJohn Byrne   

Following their near defeat at the hands of the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Cyclops has the X-Men seek refuge at Angel's aerie, feeling that the mansion is no longer safe for them at this time. Needing privacy, Cyclops is carried by Angel to a butte out in the middle of the New Mexico desert where they can talk privately, much to the chagrin of Professor X. There Cyclops explains the X-Men's most recent clash with the Hellfire Club. Warren finds this hard to believe as he and his girlfriend Candy are members of the Hellfire Club. Scott goes on to explain that he's worried about Jean's powers. Before he can explain any further, Jean arrives and interrupts them to have a private and impromptu picnic with Scott. When Warren leaves them alone, Jean takes off Scott's visor, and much to his surprise she is able to hold back his optic blast with her mental powers. The two embrace and make love on the butte as the sun sets.

A week later on a stormy night, the X-Men return to New York City to infiltrate the Hellfire Club and learn why they are targeting the X-Men. Wolverine and Nightcrawler travel through the sewers to sneak into the club from below. As they are passing through the rapidly flooding tunnels, Wolverine slices open some electrical wires pointing out that they could use a distraction later if things get hairy, a move that Nightcrawler finds very sneaker. Meanwhile, with invitations organized by Warren, Scott, Jean, Peter and Ororo prepare to enter a prestigious party with in the club. Before they go in, they radio back to the Professor and Angel in New Mexico to advise them of their plan so that they can carry on if they fail. As Scott and the others enter the party and try to blend in, they are noticed on the security monitors by the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle: the cyborg Donald Pierce, and mutants Sebastian Shaw and Henry Leland. Shaw tells Jason Wyngarde that this is his chance to prove that he has full control over Jean Grey and send him out into the party.

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