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"Scott, am I worth it? I destroyed a world–in my mind, I can still hear the screams of the dying–and it felt good! I don’t want that feeling ever again. And yet–I do! "
-- Jean Grey

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #137

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #137 "The Fate Of The Phoenix"

The Watcher has come to witness an occasion of inestimable essentialness: The destiny of the Phoenix. Following the annihilation of the D'bari system, the Shi'ar have transported Phoenix, the X-Men, Angel and Beast on board a majestic cruiser where Empress Lilandra has the disastrous obligation to reveal to her darling Charles Xavier that he galactic committee has concurred the Phoenix must be crushed. Be that as it may, Xavier does not wish to kill one of his understudies and requires a duel of respect between the X-Men and the Imperial Guard for the destiny of the Phoenix. Subsequent to counseling this with the Kree and Skrull pioneers, it is concurred that his will be suitable, and Lilandra consents to the duel too choosing that the fight occur on the Moon's blue territory. The Supreme Intelligence and R'Kill request that their emissaries watch over the fight.

The X-Men leave to rest up for the battle with the vast majority of them pondering what the Professor has gotten them into. That night, Jean has an outsider tailor make an imitation of her old Marvel Girl ensemble for her to wear, Nightcrawler and Angel rehearse in a preparation room, Wolverine - in the wake of considering that this time he will kill Jean on the off chance that he needs to - contemplates, Beast cleans up and takes up a portion of the nearby neighborliness, while at the same time Storm and Colossus rest up for the battle. Scott is on one of the decks watching out into space agonizing over his parcel that the adoration for his life may be slaughtered exactly when they were really experiencing passionate feelings for. His considerations are hindered when Jean arrives and flaunts her outfit, the two at that point choose to spend twhat could be their last night together.

The next morning, the X-Men all consent to battle for Jean and are transported to the surface of the moon where they discover their fliers can't fly too high without breaking the defensive environment of the blue zone. The gathering is assaulted by Starbolt, Manta and Oracle, making the X-Men split up to partition the Imperial powers.

One gathering comprising of Beast, Colossus, Storm and Wolverine travel into the underground passages and conflict with B'nee and his accomplice C'cll. Whenever Wolverine and Storm are thumped down a pole, they are assaulted by Hossar and Earthquake. Wolverine is thumped into the Watcher's stronghold while at the same time Storm is vanquished by the two Imperials. While above as the fight seethes on, Smasher hurls Angel down another pole, inciting Nightcrawler to hop after him allowing Cyclops and Phoenix to sit unbothered and out numbered. Inside the Watcher's bastion, Wolverine stirs to have the Watcher uncover that he's been watching the Earth for quite a long time before showing Logan out of his home. At the point when Wolverine is drawn closer by what gives off an impression of being Storm, his upgraded faculties distinguish that it's extremely the Skrull Raksor. Before he can manage the shapeshifter, he is impacted by the Kree known as Bel-Dann. Appalled at being spared by one of his mortal adversaries, Raskor shape shifts into an inhuman animal and assaults the Kree.

In the interim, down beneath, Nightcrawler finds no hint of Angel and endeavors to get the drop on Manta, just to be impacted by her. Not far away, B'Nee debilitates the Beast, while at the same time Gladiator runs toe-to-toe with Colossus and effectively beats the X-Man into submission. Watching the fight from the Shi'ar signal ship, Xavier is vexed seeing his X-Men being beaten, and Lilandra grieves for her adoration. With the main X-Men left being Cyclops and Phoenix, the two consent to go out together and after a short rest assault the rest of the Imperials head on. Anyway as the fight seethes, Jean loses control of her dull side afresh and starts to release the full power degree of her Phoenix controls yet again. With no other decision, the X-Men start to lift themselves up and change their concentration to assaulting Jean, in spite of the torment that it brings them to do as such. At the point when Colossus strikes an intense hit to Jean sufficiently solid to incidentally reestablish her rational soundness, she beseeches her kindred X-Men to end her life, anyway no one can force themselves to do it. Jean at that point keeps running into a passage with Scott hot on her tails. She traps him in a supernatural shield and reveals to him that there is no other decision however for the Phoenix to pass on. Feeble to quit anything, Cyclops watches with sickening apprehension as Jean triggers one of the long overlooked Kree traps on the Blue Area of the moon and has it impact her, burning her body. As the Phoenix passes on, her last words are to shout out Scott's name. With Jean dead, Scott acknowledges the amount he has lost that sunrises down in tears.

Seeing this occasion are the Watcher and the Recorder. The Recorder discovers this passionate scene interested by the way that they opposed the Phoenix's devastation. The Watcher brings up that paying little respect to what happened, people are enthusiastic creatures, and that notwithstanding the way that the Dark Phoenix was viewed as a beast at last, she kicked the bucket a human.

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