Synopsis of The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #136

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"If I didn't know better, I'd say those thoughts I just picked up sounded like a proposal. "
-- Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) to Cyclops (Scott Summers)

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #136

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #136 "Child Of Light And Darkness"

Following the Dark Phoenix wrecking the D'Bari system, Empress Lilandra of the Shi'ar meets with a galactic chamber on the risk that the Phoenix stances to the universe. The choice is consistent in light of the confirmation: the Phoenix must be wrecked. While on Earth, the Phoenix's essence does not go unnoticed, and accepting a notice from Dr. Diminish Corbeau, the President of the Untied States endeavors to contact the Avengers to locate that lone their head servant Edwin Jarvis is available. At the point when Jarvis ends the call with the President, he takes note of that it was the Beast's swing to remain behind on screen obligation and miracles where he could have went.

The Beast is with his old companions the X-Men, planning for the Dark Phoenix's arrival by building a synaptic scrambler gadget to keep Jean from utilizing her forces. As Cyclops battles to grapple with what's happened to Jean, Storm attempts to reassure him. While down beneath in the Danger Room, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus endeavor to let out some pent up frustration in the Danger Room. They all come to concur that they should wreck Jean in the event that they should, anyway their premier obligation will be to attempt and spare her.

The Dark Phoenix in the interim comes back to her folks home at Annadale-On-Hudson and awakens her folks and more youthful sister Sarah. Finding their contemplations difficult to keep out of her head, Jean endeavors to hold her outrage in line. Be that as it may, she can't and demonstrates her family her forces by changing a houseplant into precious stone. Seeing a haze outside Dark Phoenix understands that the X-Men have discovered her and surges out to meet them. Nightcrawler transports behind her and spots the synaptic scrambler on her head. In spite of the fact that this causes her awesome agony and limits her capacities, she is as yet ready to stand her ground against the X-Men's consolidated attack on her. At the point when Wolverine draws sufficiently near to her, she beseeches him to slaughter her with is hooks, however Wolverine flounders sufficiently long for Phoenix's dull side to reassert control and impact him away. Having overheated the scrambler, Dark Phoenix evacuates it and secures the X-Men stasis.

She starts to torment them rationally until the point when she is faced by Cyclops who attempts to persuade her to quit battling and nearly has her prevailed upon when Professor X arrives and assaults her rationally. This makes her flip back to her underhanded persona and assault Charles specifically. The two secure mental battle and after a match of minds, Charles Xavier figures out how to utilize his psychological forces to drive the Dark Phoenix persona profound into Jean's brain reestablishing their rational soundness. In spite of the fact that the X-Men have an ardent minute now that Jean is back they all think about to what extent her rational soundness will last. At the point when John Gray and his family approaches Xavier to request answers, they are stunned when the X-Men are for the most part all of a sudden transported away.

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