Synopsis of The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #134

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"Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the woman you knew! I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever -- I am Phoenix! "
-- Dark Phoenix

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #134

The Uncanny X-men Vol.1 #134 "Too Late, the Heroes!"

Cyclops has almost been executed in mystic battle with Mastermind inside Jean's clairvoyant report she imparted to Cyclops. As the Hellfire Club brags over this triumph, Jean looks on in stress. Prior to the Hellfire Club can do whatever else, Wolverine blasts through the entryway hurling off watchmen as he goes. Sebastian Shaw orders Jean to assault Wolverine, which she does, in any case, while at the same time the others are concentrating on that she utilizes her supernatural forces to open the ruby quartz protective cap on Cyclops' head. Scott thumps out Donald Pierce before utilizing his optic impact to free his kindred X-Men and impact Henry Leland.

Jean stops her battle and advises Wolverine to go join the others, Logan follows Leland to get exact retribution for his prior thrashing. Cyclops routs Shaw by impacting out the ground out from under him, and Donald Pierce figures out how to escape when Colossus absurdly attempts to stop him in his human frame. Seeing the fight, Mastermind chooses to utilize his deception based forces to hang out and see what happens. As Wolverine plunges down to the lower level of the Hellfire Club to assault his adversary, Leland commits the imbecilic error of utilizing his mass expanding powers on Wolverine making him arrive intensely on Leland with his hooks out. As Sebastian Shaw attempts to escape through the club, he is assaulted by Nightcrawler and Storm.

The aggravation at the Hellfire Club does not go unnoticed, as the experts are brought in an alarm likewise goes in at close-by Avengers Mansion where the Beast is on screen obligation. Perusing about how his previous companions in the X-Men associated with the hullabaloo, he deletes the record of the crisis call and goes to encourage his old confidants.

Back at the club, Colossus gets up to speed to Donald Pierce and gets in an arm grapple with him. Monster's quality demonstrates better and he breaks Pierce's mechanical arm, notwithstanding, Pierce stuns Colossus in the face with his disjoined limb and escapes the scene. While somewhere else in the club, Nightcrawler and Storm attempt their best to crush Sebastian Shaw in fight, be that as it may, he escapes too. Getting together with Pierce in one of the clubs numerous mystery burrows, he tells his companion that he will influence the X-Men to pay for this. Upstairs Cyclops endeavors to quiet the gathering goers, be that as it may, Mastermind utilizes his forces to influence them to surmise that he is assaulting them. Simply at that point, the power links that Wolverine cut before in the night[1] interface with the rising water making the power go out in the club. Cyclops keeps running into Wolverine oblivious and instructs him to accumulate the other X-Men while at the same time he goes searching for Jean.

Jean in the interim, surrendering to the obscurity in her spirit finds Mastermind and sticks him to the divider. She finds on him a gadget made by the White Queen that enabled him to pillar his dreams specifically into her psyche. She is obscurely interested yet devastates the gadget and after that gives Mastermind what he needed: control of inestimable power. Opening up his brain to the immeasurability of the universe Jean makes Mastermind enter a mental state and abandons him. She keeps running into Scott and in spite of the fact that she feels odd she goes with him and the other X-Men as they escape to their ship stopped in Central Park. Watching them go from the window, Shaw promises to destroy the X-Men's open picture and transform them into open adversary number one.

The X-Men stack up into their plane and take off similarly as the masters arrive. Jean, at long last unfit to contain herself, surrenders to her dull side. She changes her ensemble into a ruby form of her Phoenix furnish and reports that she is not any more the lady they knew, but instead control in bodily form. All of a sudden, the X-Men's ship detonates because of her "capacity in essence".


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