Synopsis of The Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #132

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"Worry not, Jason. Had the Black Queen struck to kill, there would be nothing left of the lad but ashes. "
-- Black Queen (Jean Grey)

Uncanny X-men 132

The Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #132 " And Hellfire Was Their Name!"

Following their close annihilation because of the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Cyclops has the X-Men look for asylum at Angel's aerie, feeling that the manor is not any more safe for them as of now. Requiring security, Cyclops is conveyed by Angel to a butte out amidst the New Mexico desert where they can talk secretly, much to the dismay of Professor X. There Cyclops clarifies the X-Men's latest conflict with the Hellfire Club. Warren discovers this difficult to accept as he and his sweetheart Candy are individuals from the Hellfire Club. Scott goes ahead to clarify that he's stressed over Jean's forces. Before he can clarify any further, Jean arrives and interferes with them to have a private and offhand cookout with Scott. At the point when Warren allows them to sit unbothered, Jean removes Scott's visor, and much amazingly she can keep down his optic impact with her psychological forces. The two grasp and have intercourse on the butte as the sun sets.

After seven days on a stormy night, the X-Men come back to New York City to penetrate the Hellfire Club and realize why they are focusing on the X-Men. Wolverine and Nightcrawler make a trip through the sewers to sneak into the club from underneath. As they are going through the quickly flooding burrows, Wolverine cuts open some electrical wires bringing up that they could utilize a diversion later if things get bristly, a move that Nightcrawler finds extremely tennis shoe. In the interim, with solicitations sorted out by Warren, Scott, Jean, Peter and Ororo get ready to enter an esteemed gathering with in the club. Before they go in, they radio back to the Professor and Angel in New Mexico to inform them with respect to their arrangement so they can go ahead on the off chance that they fall flat. As Scott and the others enter the gathering and endeavor to mix in, they are seen on the security screens by the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle: the cyborg Donald Pierce, and mutants Sebastian Shaw and Henry Leland. Shaw discloses to Jason Wyngarde this is his opportunity to demonstrate that he has full control over Jean Gray and send him out into the gathering.

Beyond any doubt enough, when Wyngarde goes first floor he rapidly clears Jean off into another of his dreams. At the point when Scott watches Wyngarde taking Jean upstairs he trails him and is stunned when he uncovers himself to be none other than the X-Men's old enemy Mastermind. Trailing them, he is impacted by Jean who, under Mastermind's full control, has changed herself into the Black Queen. Hearing Scott's shout of torment over the group, Storm and Colossus change into ensemble and charge after their companion. Running upstairs they keep running into Sebastian Shaw, and Colossus takes in the most difficult way possible that Shaw can assimilate any assault coordinated at him and change it into quality and resistance. Shaw effectively crushes Colossus in fight, yet Storm figures out how to escape by making a thick mist to darken his vision.

Down in the cellar, Wolverine and Nightcrawler rise up out of the sewers to be assaulted by Pierce and Leland. While at the same time Wolverine figures out how to harm Pierce's computerized arm, Leland utilizes his mass expanding forces to build Wolverine's weight until the point that he gets through the floor and grounds into the hurrying waters of the sewers beneath, he is cleared away and assumed dead. While at the same time upstairs, Storm is found by Sebastian Shaw who effortlessly overcomes her close by to hand battle.

With the X-Men crushed and their detainees, Sebastian Shaw notes Jason Wyngarde's arrogance and starts to presume that he will compete to supplant him as pioneer of the Hellfire Club. At the point when the two bandy over how viable Mastermind would be without Jean as his slave. The contention is suppressed by the other people who propose a toast to the most up to date individual from their club, the Black Queen. While down underneath in the sewers, Wolverine rises up out of the waters perfectly healthy. He is unfathomably furious, having seen the Hellfire Club's "absolute best" he is prepared to demonstrate to them his own.

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