Synopsis of The Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #131

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"You know, Ororo, you really mustn't fight my psychic probes. The harder you resist, the more this will hurt. I don't want to hurt you, my dear. I want us to be... friends." 
-- White Queen (Emma Frost)

Uncanny X-men 131

The Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #131 "Run For Your Life!"

Kitty Pryde is being pursued through the avenues of Chicago by cronies of the Hellfire Club that are set on catching her. They are ceased supernaturally by Phoenix, anyway when the X-Men attempt to quiet Kitty, she frenzies and keeps running at first until the point when Jean can quiet her down. After a series of clarifications, and discovering that the other X-Men have been caught by the White Queen, Jean tests one of the officers sent to catch Kitty and finds out about the Hellfire Club. This inconveniences Jean, as the Hellfire Club is the association that the man in her "chance slips" is partnered with.

Before long, she, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Dazzler carry themselves onto the property possessed by Frost Industries, on account of Jean's clairvoyance influencing it to give the idea that the Hellfire Club fighters had caught them. This even tricks the White Queen who returns to agonizingly removing data from Storm's brain. Kitty in the mean time stages into the room where the other X-Men are held hostage and figures out how to free Wolverine by putting her hand through the secure his confine. She is spotted and shocked by a monitor, anyway Wolverine is as of now free and pops his paws to manage the watch. Simply at that point, Phoenix and the others make their essence felt and assault the complex. As Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Dazzler go to encourage the others, Phoenix defies the White Queen before she can utilize her psychological forces to wipe out Storm's brain.

As Kitty, Colossus and Wolverine join the others they battle out of the complex, while Jean and White Queen secure clairvoyant fight. Tempest is frightened by Jean's show of intensity when her Phoenix impact developed and overwhelms the White Queen. Outside the other X-Men are going to turn back for Jean and Ororo when the complex abruptly detonates. Their most exceedingly bad feelings of trepidation are alleviated anyway when Phoenix and Storm rise up out of the rubble safe. Having pulled himself aside to watch the fight, the Professor compliments his X-Men for an occupation well done.

The following day outside of the Prude home, Charles offers Dazzler a place with the X-Men, however she declines disclosing to him that she was destined to be a vocalist not a hero and leaves. Simply at that point, Kitty's folks rise up out of their house, Kitty's mom mitigated that her little girl has been returned home sheltered and sound. At the point when Kitty's dad requests from Xavier, he all of a sudden changes his tone and the Scott is told by Jean that she utilized her forces to alter his opinion and influence him to consent to give Kitty a chance to learn at Xavier's school. Alone with Storm, Scott communicates his apprehensions that Jean is manhandling her powers, an inclination that Ororo accepts also. As they leave to rejoin the others, Storm pledges that they should accomplish something before the intensity of the Phoenix expends Jean.


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