Synopsis of The Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #102

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"So you call yourselves the New X-Men, do you? Well, among the lot of you -- Who will stop the Juggernaut? "
-- Juggernaut

Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #102The X-Men's outing to Cassidy Keep has been hindered by an assault from Banshee's cousin Black Tom and the X-Men's old enemy the Juggernaut who look to execute the gathering of mutants. With Storm having a claustrophobic scene, the gathering is leaderless and are inconsistent with how to manage the two reprobates, Wolverine and Colossus specifically who contend over how to manage things. As Banshee battles his cousin, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus attempt to fend off the Juggernaut - without much of any result. Whenever Wolverine and Colossus are thumped away, Nightcrawler needs to bait the gigantic adversary far from hurting Storm.

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Tempest curses herself for being disabled by her fear and her mind reels back to her adolescence. How her folks moved out of their home in Harlem in 1951 to come back to her moms local nation of Africa. They would be in Cairo amid the clench hand strikes of the Suez War of 1956. While attempting to escape the air attacks, Ororo's folks would be slaughtered by falling flotsam and jetsam. Ororo would survive, anyway being covered alive would scar her forever. Stranded in the city of Cairo, Ororo would be prepared to be a road hoodlum to make due until the point that her twelfth birthday when she felt the call to her moms home of Kenya. There her mutant forces would show and she would live in relative peace, accepted to be a goddess until the day Professor X came to select her into the X-Men[1]. Tempest's memory and anguish would achieve Professor X whose clairvoyant forces would enable him to learn of the X-Men's situation despite the fact that he is a large portion of a world away in New York viewing over the recouping Jean Gray. Pardoning himself from the room, he calls Scott leaving Jean and her flat mate Misty Knight to talk about Jean's close brush with death. Charles orders Scott to go to Ireland to help the other X-Men, anyway Scott declines to walk out on Jean. Charles endeavors to contend with him when he's abruptly hit with another vision from space, this time he sees the substance of the outsider that has been attempting to get in touch with him, and it is the substance of a lady.

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Back in Ireland, the X-Men fight on as well as can be expected despite the fact that they are over coordinated, Wolverine is the first to be thumped out. Assaulting the Juggernaut once more, Nightcrawler is batted aside, and is thumped out. Inquisitively, the part of his body that grounds in the shadows of the stronghold abruptly end up imperceptible. Simply at that point, a mystery board in the divider slides open and a group of little individuals comment over Nightcrawler's capacity and drag him off, shutting the mystery entry behind them. With their forces inadequate against each other, Black Tom figures out how to overwhelm Banshee, thumping the breeze out of his philanthropic cousin. While, Colossus endeavors to overwhelm the Juggernaut, he is cut down when his enemy makes the rooftop collapse on them two. Seeing this, Storm snaps out of her scene and endeavors to hit the Juggernaut down with a lightning jolt, anyway Cain just diverts it back at her thumping her out too. with the X-Men all crushed, Juggernaut and Black Tom get ready to hold them prisoner so they can draw Charles Xavier into a trap.

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